Dainese Bora

Dainese Bora


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Dainese Bora Gloves


An airy motorcycle glove for the city - that's quite a challenge for the developers. After all, the demands are pretty big. This sort of motorcycle glove needs to be compatible with touch screens, should feature extra protection on the back, knuckles and fingers, preferably be produced without the use of animal products such as leather, and look good at the same time. Dainese has surprised us all with the *Bora* motorcycle glove, which meets precisely these demands


  • Breathable and elastic textile fabric with generous mesh panels for great ventilation
  • Hard-shell polyurethane knuckle armour
  • Palm reinforcement
  • Knuckle armour
  • Elastic Neoprene cuffs
  • Conductive material on finger and thumb for operating smartphones
  • Hook-and-loop wrist adjuster


  • Fabric back
  • Synthetic leather palm

(Material composition: 72% nylon, 11% elastane, 14% Neoprene, 2.5% polyester, 0.5% polyurethane)

  • Lightweight lining (100% polyester)


  • CE certified to EN13594:2015

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